Conservative Treatments

*  Education

*  Activity modification

*  Exercise (non-impact exercise such as elliptical, bicycling, swimming, water aerobics)

*  Weight loss (3 times your body weight goes through each hip with walking)

*  Cane or walker

*  Supplements such as Glucosamine/Chondroitin, Fish oil, etc. 


*  Tylenol (acetominophen)

*  Over the counter NSAIDs such as Aleve (naprosyn), Motrin/Advil (ibuprofen)

*  Prescription NSAIDs such as Celebrex, Mobic (meloxicam)


*  Cortisone injections

*  Viscosupplementation/Hyaluronic Acid

    (Euflexxa, Synvisc, Hyalgan, Suparts, Orthovisc)

Joint Preservation

Knee arthroscopy is performed for a torn meniscus or loose cartilage

Dr. Brian E. Seng

Specializing in Hip and Knee Replacement

Board Certified

Fellowhip Trained

 470 Northside Cherokee Blvd.

              Suite 160

        Canton, GA  300115

      Phone  (770) 721-9050

      Fax     (770) 721-9051

    960 Wookstock Parkway

               Suite 200

      Woodstock, GA  30188

      Phone  (770) 721-9050

      Fax     (770) 721-9051

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