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       Outpatient/Same Day Joint Replacement

Outpatient or Same Joint Replacement is a real option for most patients.  The key is a comprehensive program offered at Northside Hospital Cherokee combined with minimally invasive surgical techniques offered by Dr. Seng. This means you could be home sleeping in your own bed and eating home cooked food much sooner than after traditional joint replacement surgery.  Even patients with Medicare, which traditionally required a multiple day stay in the hospital, are candidates for this.   


Certain patients may have a medical condition or social situation such that they are not able to go home the same day as their surgery.  In this case you will likely go home the next day.  


Rarely, a patient may need to stay for 2 nights if there medical condition requires it.


Come visit us to learn more about Outpatient/Same Day Joint Replacement!

                Double Hip Replacement

Dr. Seng's patient is featured on the abc News station in Asheville, NC

      Dr. Seng joins Arthritis and Total Joint                                             Specialists

On May 1, 2018, Dr. Seng joined Arthritis and Total Joint Specialists, a group of renowned joint replacement surgeons including Dr. Ken Kress, Dr. Jon Minter, Dr. Charlie DeCook and Dr. Jeff Garrett.  Dr. Seng is seeing patients at the new Woodstock location and will continue operating at Northside Hospital Cherokee.  All past, current and future patients are welcome to see him in his new office, where he continues to provide the same services and care as he did during his time with Northside Cherokee Orthopedics and Sports Medicine.

         Dr. Seng is a reviewer for Journal of                                            Arthroplasty

The Journal of Arthroplasty is a leading peer reviewed journal dedicated to research and advancement in the field of hip and knee replacement surgery.  Dr. Seng is now one of the reviewers of articles that are submitted for possible publication in the journal.  As a reviewer, Dr. Seng assess the content and accuracy of the research submitted.  He then provides a recommendation to the editors about the quality of research and whether or not it is worthy of publication.  This is a volunteer position that Dr. Seng is honored to be a part of.

                            Upcoming Talks

Please check back for announcements regarding upcoming educational programs on joint replacement surgery.

        Anterior Hip Replacement surgery now                available at Northside Hospital Cherokee

Dr. Seng is the first and only surgeon to peform the Direct Anterior Hip Replacement surgery at Northside Hospital Cherokee.  This is an innovative, less invasive approach to hip replacement surgery.  Please click on the link above to learn more about this procedure.

Dr. Brian E. Seng

Specializing in Hip and Knee Replacement

Board Certified

Fellowhip Trained

 470 Northside Cherokee Blvd.

              Suite 160

        Canton, GA  300115

      Phone  (770) 721-9050

      Fax     (770) 721-9051

    960 Wookstock Parkway

               Suite 200

      Woodstock, GA  30188

      Phone  (770) 721-9050

      Fax     (770) 721-9051

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